How The Film Came About

My name is Ulrike Spitzer. Together with Christian Wagner I created the film

“Nature Beings – Messages from Forgotten Friends". 

We started filming in the summer of 2012. Margot Ruis and her husband Gerhard Kogoj shared their very interesting experiences with nature beings with us. 

In the spring of 2013 we were also able to direct questions at other people who have contact with nature spirits.

Christian Wagner – who is a master behind the camera – did a brilliant job directing our interviewees and has created impressive nature photography, which makes this film a wonderful experience for all the family. Our “Elf Friend” also brought along his camera in Croatia and in the mountains and made his beautiful shots available to us.

Margot Ruis provided the music and the songs; some of the tunes and words she received from the nature beings themselves. Other kind people composed wonderful pieces for harp and flute as well as overtone chanting.